Citation Accompanying
The 1999 Golden Dragon Award
Bestowed onto
Professor Shing - Tsai Lee

Professor Shing - Tsai Lee was born in 1926, in the province of Yunnan, China. He came from a farming family. It was his devotion to scholarship and life - long learning which kept him inacademia throughout his career.
Professor Lee began his long and distinguished career in printing and publishing in 1942. He studied printing and completed his undergraduate study at the Chinese Survey College in 1951. He subsequently entered the Bureau of Map Service of the US Army, and the Chinese Army Commanders University to further his education.
Professor Lee began teaching printing at the Chung - Cheng Institute of Technology(Taiwan) in 1995. He has also been an adjunct faculey member of graduate school of Geography at the Chinese Culture University since 1963. In 1966, he helped create the first college - level degree program in printing technology at CCU in Taiwan. Later on, he founded the graduate school of printing that offers a M.S. degree in Printing Technology. To date, Chinese Culture University, under the leadership of Professor Lee, has produced over 150 master degree graduates and 3,200 bachelor degree graduates in the field of printing. These graduates are serving important positions in the printing industry of Taiwan today.
Professor Lee has been a very active member of the Taiwan Printing Industry Association and a consultant to the government. He was the founder of the Chinese Association of Graphic Science and technology. He also founded The Graphic Communications Foundation to provide scholarships to talented students in printing and graphic communications. He helped the Ministry of Economic Affairs to compile a manual of waste - reduction technology. He also assisted the Bureau of National Standards to draft printing - related specifications.
Professor Lee has been an avid publisher and author. He has published 239 papers in printing. he was an editor of 27 volumes of the Journal of Chines Printing Technology, and the Contemporary Dictionaries in Printing. He is an author of many books, including Introduction to Cartography, Science of Map Reproduction, Heliography, Lithography and Printing, General principles of printing Industry and Essays on Graphic Arts.
1999 Taipei International Conference on Graphic Communications(TIConGC) hereby bestows the Golden Dragon Award onto Professor Shing - Tsai Lee.